Zona Maco 2020


Origins is a distanced collaboration between Lynne Golob Gelfman and Jonathan Gonzalez. Exploring the evolution of Gelfman’s thru paintings from their gridded modernist origins in the late 1960’s, to her experimental reverse paintings of the 70’s to her current manipulation of the technique and its exploration of new forms, colors and patterns.

It is this notion of primitive beginnings that forms the conceptual framework for the environment designed by Jonathan Gonzalez. Mud walls meet the existing concrete floors and a new collection of furniture design and lighting will be presented alongside the paintings of Gelfman. The neo-rustic wood furniture crafted in Mexico specifically for Origins will be for immediate purchase in the booth. Disrupting the typically static presentation of art at fairs.

As the furniture layout evolves over the course of the exhibit, so too will the paintings on the wall. Allowing patrons multiple readings of Origins on each successive visit to the booth.

  • year


  • location

    Mexico City

  • client

    Tile Blush

  • typology


  • status


  • designer

    Jonathan Gonzalez

  • Exhibition Design

    Jonathan Gonzalez

  • Participating Artists

    Lynne Golob Gelfman
    Jonathan Gonzalez