Terminal F

6.4 TEU. The Miami Dade County Art in Public Places Terminal F project in Collaboration with Port Miami required the addressing of functional programmatic concerns with civic minded, visually captivating, art strategies. Standing as a buffer between the guest arrival sequence and Port Miami cruise terminal back of house, this artistic intervention, at Terminal F, is simultaneously wall and sculptural art object.

Office GA, was interested in locating a highly articulated object that draws influence from the mechanized site and context of Dodge Island. Utilizing a structural norm of this industrial port, the Truss, the artist and his studio was interested in re-appropriating this received idea as a completely original functional sculpture. Removing both the hidden and banal qualities of the truss to render it both playful and captivating. Interested in how design can affect the way we view and produce art the sculpture utilizes adept structural engineering to create an inhabitable “floating” mass. This cantilevered break between front and back of house operates as occupiable territory, historical narrative, and iconic sculptural art object.

Overgrown by sustainable irrigation-less vine, 6.4TEU exists as a sort of Techno-Ruin...derivative and aware of place, while projecting new futures, technology and movement.

  • year


  • location

    Miami, FL

  • client

    Port Miami

  • typology


  • status


  • designer

    Jonathan Gonzalez

  • TEAM:

    Michael Quinones
    Anais Niembro