In the two years prior to the show, Guccivuitton had staked out a unique position that meditated on the rich history of artist-run galleries while presenting content that reflects authentic regional material and vernacular culture. The exhibition at ICA Miami demonstrated the collective’s interests in challenging notions of authorship, the traditional role of the artist and the value accorded to institutional structures.

Within ICA Miami’s Atrium Gallery, the artists created a four-story salesroom with customized storage racks, designed by Jonathan Gonzalez and Office GA. These racks served the primary aesthetic feature of the installation and spoke to the artists’ ongoing interest in equalizing fine art, folk art, and design. Within the racks, unsold works were hung and arranged by scale and medium to emphasize their commodity status, and to suggest questions of value inherent to a gallery or museum. Works were available until sold, and any visitor could additionally function as a dealer, selling inventory to a collector.

  • year


  • location

    Miami, FL

  • client

    Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

  • typology


  • status


  • designer

    Jonathan Gonzalez