House 84

House 84 is a single family "Springboard" house. Designed as a first phase of a larger master plan, House 84 would occupy the rear of a 1 acre urban lot in Miami. The modestly scaled house was conceived as a transition object, one that would allow the growing family to occupy their newly acquired property while making way for a larger primary residence when the need arose. Upon this growth House 84 would transition to work as both guest house and pool pavilion. The temporal aspect of the home and the preordained evolution of use required a flexible plan and awareness of future relationships to site and landscape.

  • year


  • location

    Miami, FL

  • client


  • typology


  • status

    Design Development

  • designer

    Jonathan Gonzalez

  • TEAM

    Project Designer: Michael Battjes
    Architect of Record: Gonzalez Architects
    Structural Engineer: C&A Engineers
    MEP Engineer: Franyie Engineers, Inc.

    *All architectural services are provided by Gonzalez Architects, where Jonathan Gonzalez acts as the studio's Design Director.