Hélio Oiticica: Bólides

Jonathan Gonzalez and Office GA were asked by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami to design and develop unique displays for the exhibition, Hélio Oiticica: Bólides. Gonzalez and Office GA designed custom folded aluminum display tables, abstractly derived from the geometries latent in the work of Oiticica. Finished in a glossy white powdercoat, the unique pieces work to both reinforce the objects presented on them while slipping into the background of the exhibition.

Museum Press Release below:

This presentation examines an important series of works created by Hélio Oiticica at a crucial transformational period in the artist’s development.

In 1963, Hélio Oiticica, an essential figure in Brazilian postwar art, began to make his “Bólides,” a series of objects, drawing from the language of geometric abstraction, that viewers were invited to physically interact with. The aim was to involve spectators in such a way that the duration of their engagement with the work feel like a substantial and unrepeatable experience. The “Bólides” were made at an important moment in the development of Brazilian art and in the artist’s own trajectory, against a social backdrop in which Brazil’s military regime was becoming ever more repressive, leading to a tumultuous political atmosphere and increased economic disparity.

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    Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

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    Jonathan Gonzalez