Diverse Works

What Shall We Do Next? is a group exhibition that examines how technology and advertising have shifted our relationships to our physical bodies, our shaping of subjectivity, and notions of the real. The exhibition is comprised of a variety of works across mediums – including drawings, paintings, video animations, and performance – that all acknowledge and incorporate the effects of technology, commerce, and advertising. The artists brought together in this exhibition, Danielle Dean, Kristin Lucas, Julien Prévieux, and the artist collective Versace Versace Versace (Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo, Aramis Gutierrez, and Jonathan Gonzalez), consider ideas of the real in relation to physical materials, technology, and advertising, as well as how the body can act as both material and ideological subject.

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    Houston, TX

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    Diverse Works

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    Jonathan Gonzalez