Blush Pane

Office GA is pleased to announce Blush Pane, an exhibition of work by Noguchi Breton at Balice Hertling Gallery in Paris. The immersive environment has been carefully designed and fabricated by Jonathan Gonzalez and Office GA, as a contributing partner and artist to Noguchi Breton. Press Release Below.

Noguchi Breton at Balice Hertling is happy to present Blush Pane (Vitre Rougir), a satirical multi-purpose space: merging art, architecture and design. With the trending life-style persuasions of nationalism and supremacism as a prevailing narrative reborn from the ashes of their alternative pejorative histories, it is only natural to seek to express your aspirational position with style and class. While it is easy to talk the talk, Noguchi Breton invites you to take it one step further and walk the walk, at least while it remains fashionable, with our new luxury interior/gilded cage/detention center simulacrum. Reminiscent of the refugee camp from the final act of the 2006 sci-fi film, Children of Men, rigid powder coated screens act at as both containing barrier and substrate for luxury products forming the labyrinthine maquette of the exhibition layout. In this shared or privatisable exhibition space feel free to quickly interchange roles between complicit bystander or helpless refugee while flanked with art and design objects reinforcing these new societal, commercial and state norms.

Noguchi Breton, returning to their signature luxury life-style/correctional screens from their sprawling flagship store meets panopticon, Guccivuitton, featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami’s Design District in 2015, have repurposed their potential for a concise satirical function prevalent to our present socio-political climate. Inhabiting the exhibition space you will find hybrid advertising / sculptures by Loriel Beltran, where the ghosts of fashion come back to haunt us, stark, pragmatic yet cheekily modernist furnishings of Jonathan Gonzalez and the ballet inspired state portraits of Ivan the Terrible by Aramis Gutierrez.

Photos Courtesy of Balice Hertling

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    Balice Hertling

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    Jonathan Gonzalez